masaż wrocław

You are welcome to make appointments on the phone and to ask questions to explain every possible doubt you may have before the first visit.

In case of visiting us for the first time, you are kindly asked to do the following:

  • prepare your medical record, including especially photos and results of examinations like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), computed tomography, X-rays and others,
  • remember the development of your condition

A possible lack of medical record is not an obstacle, however, as for a physiotherapist the most important is the patient interview and physiotherapeutic examination allowing application of the most suitable form of rehabilitation.

You are kindly asked to arrive on time of the arranged hour, in case of earlier arrival, there is a waiting room at the premises for your convenience.

In case of any random events preventing you from reaching the physiotherapy studio, please do let us know about your absence even if just a moment before the scheduled visit.