Manual therapy

Applied mainly to alleviate painful medical conditions.

It is ideally suited for recovering health after injuries and treatments.

If the pain is accompanied by conditions of a different type (e.g. reduced joint mobility), manual therapy is also perfectly applicable.

As part of the manual therapy I use internationally recognized methods (McKenzie, Cyriax, Maitland, Kaltenborn, Mulligan and others). I also use additional therapies such as PNF method, osteopathic techniques and soft tissue therapy.


It is a set of varied manual techniques which, in a mechanic way, through the surface of the body, affect skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, articular capsules and ligaments. Like in the case of any therapy, it is the physiotherapist who chooses a suitable kind of a massage, unless the patient is certain about a particular one. Such a treatment may be applied holistically or to a section of the body. In my offer, you will find such kinds of massage as the following:

  • Classical / therapeutic massage
  • Lymphatic massage
  • Sport massage
  • Relaxing massage
  • Stomach and thigh slimming massage
  • Anty-cellulite thigh massage

Rehabilitation exercises

They constitute so called treatment by movement, i.e. kinesiotherapy. Physiotherapy exercises are common in cases of enhancing joint mobility and health recovery in ailments of many types: orthopaedic, neurological, geriatric, pulmonary, cardiological, after treatments and surgeries, injuries of all types, posture disorders and other types of complaints.

I will chose suitable for you exercises focused on curing the given condition. You will also receive from me a schedule of exercises, which I will alter and update as needed.

Posture disorders therapy

These are mainly corrective exercises, but also techniques of manual therapy and supporting therapy with tapes, like kinesiology tape, used in order to achieve a correct body posture.

I treat different types of scoliosis, hyperlordosis (concave back), hyperkyphosis (round back), and also faulty joints of the lower limbs.

Rehabilitation of sportsmen

I give therapies to sportsmen, both professional and amateur. The most frequently, the aim of a physiotherapist is to restore the sportsman, impaired after an injury, to full physical fitness. However, this type of rehabilitation also comprises a range of preliminary procedures as well as restitution and rejuvenating ones in cases of  significant exhaustion with physical activity.

Kinesiology taping

It is an ideal complement of a therapy. In this method, the physiotherapist, due to expertise at branches of medicine such as anatomy, physiology, body biomechanics and others, applies tapes to the body of the patient in such a way so as to accelerate regeneration of the tissues, ensure enhancement of mobility, alleviate painful conditions or provide stability for a joint.

Neurological rehabilitation

For people suffering from neurological diseases such as sclerosis lateralis amyotrophica (SLA), sclerosis multiplex (SM), stroke, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, craniocerebral traumas and other disorders.