Manual therapy


Rehabilitation exercises

Posture disorders therapy

Rehabilitation of sportsmen

Kinesiology taping

Rehabilitation in the patient’s home

Neurological rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in dentistry (physiotherapy of temporo-mandibular joint)

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MA Paweł Białobłocki

I am a qualified physiotherapist specialising in manual therapy. In my work I believe in a customized approach to each patient. I do not give a therapy according to rigid, standard schemes. I always hear the patient, explain and advise, and the whole schedule of rehabilitation is based on the current needs of the people who have trusted me.

I ensure the highest quality of the service. Moreover, I make use of the most modern methods of physiotherapy and the latest expertise due to constant developing my professional knowledge and skills.

I guarantee the fastest possible recovery of full health.
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MA Magdalena Kozioł

I’ve been passionate about physiotherapy and sport for years. Thanks to constant training in my profession, I conduct treatments according to modern methods, and together with my clients we achieve very quickly planned effects of therapy.

In the physiotherapy studio, I mainly use manual techniques for healing pain and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. I always listen carefully and choose the best treatments for a particular case.

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